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In the process of inheritance estate planning? Discover how Bloodline Planning can help protect your financial assets.

In Australia, one in three marriages end in divorce and one in four people challenge a loved one’s will or estate. These statistics are an important reminder that we need to protect our financial assets if something were to happen to us.

What is Bloodline Planning?

Bloodline Planning gives you greater certainty your financial assets reach the right hands at the right time, regardless of the complexity of your family structure. Simply put, it limits beneficiaries to your bloodline, like children, grandchildren or other relatives of your choice.

Where and when does Bloodline Planning apply?

Bloodline Planning can be applied to a newly structured (or re-structured) family superfund. Your personal estate is governed under State law, while a family superfund is covered under the Superannuation Industry Standards regulations within Commonwealth law. These are two very different statutes. Non-superannuation assets are considered part of your personal estate, which exposes them to challenge and creates uncertainty, with the risk of proceeds falling into the wrong hands.

The benefits of Bloodline Planning

Many people, after a lifetime of hard work, feel it’s incredibly important their financial assets accumulated over a lifetime should be protected for their Bloodline. This can be an extremely beneficial way in today’s more complex family structures to protect your financial assets and can provide greater certainty your intentions are achieved.

Make sure your financial assets are protected

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