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Wealth management, retirement planning, general financial planning, taxation, business owners advice, mortgage and finance, property investment.

Our team can help you with them all. Because Johnston Grocke is not just another firm of financial planners. We’ve carefully built our company over the years, hand-picking the best people with different financial expertise. Financial advisors, financial planners, accountants, taxation specialists, professional mortgage and property advisors. So we can offer our clients the right advice in any area of their financial life. 




Mortgage and Finance

We’re passionate about making sure our advice is based on the best possible information by cross-referencing with all our professionals.

Helping you get a loan to finance your house, car, or any type of investment is about much more than just finding the lowest interest rate. Having the right structure and strategy is critical. At Johnston Grocke, sharing professional financial advisor knowledge with the accountants and financial planners within our team is what makes our business unique — and complete for our clients. All of us understand the pressures that mortgages and finance can create, so we’re committed to helping our clients walk through the home purchase and finance maze with confidence.

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Wealth Management

Our job is to provide an extensive and revealing picture of your current financial position and offer you a broad range of options…

and the freedom to choose the one that suits you. At Johnston Grocke, our professional services are comprehensive, encouraging wealth creation and protection. They include self-managed superannuation funds, personal insurance, shares, and borrowing to invest. Our financial advice, based on regular updating of skills and life experiences, is comprehensive and personalised to suit each client’s individual needs. And one more thing. We talk with our clients — not at them — using plain, easy to understand language. No jargon, guaranteed.


Retirement Planning

Our retirement planning services give you the freedom to discover your future financial options and freedom to enjoy the rest of your life.

With our friendly, professional team by your side, retirement planning doesn’t have to be a lonely task. At Johnston Grocke, we provide a broad range of options for our clients. Our retirement planning professionals offer not only their expertise, but also a personal commitment to make sure you have all the information and understand all your options. With our support, you’ll have confidence when planning for your future and be able to make choices you’re comfortable with. It’s the very reason our clients refer us to their family and friends.


General Financial Planning

Our financial planning is a life experience. We explain, we educate, we offer options. Above all, we assist our clients to make informed choices…

and to set realistic goals for a financial future that is achievable and sustainable. We are people helping people — making sure our clients understand their financial position and most importantly, clearly understand their options for the future. At Johnston Grocke, providing real options and freedom to choose is the cornerstone of our business. We help our clients shape their financial future with confidence — through information, education and a genuine commitment to provide as many practical choices as possible.




Understanding taxation, its implications on your finances and how time- consuming all that paperwork can be, is the very basis of our taxation advice business. 

Taxation is one of those words that people really hate, so whether it’s complex taxation advice that you need or a simple tax return, let us help you with it. Providing peace of mind and confidence on taxation issues is our core business and what’s more, we’re your one-stop-shop for all financial services. At Johnston Grocke, we spend the time and commit the energy so you won’t have to. We’re financial care providers and take pride in putting people before paperwork.


Business Owners Advice

Our backroom capability in assisting a client’s business is second to none — we constantly look for options to increase profitability.

We understand what red tape does to a business, so we constantly look for ways to make things easier. Our advice is based on more than 20 years’ experience in helping businesses, taking a personal interest and sharing the passion. We undertake business health checks, provide improvement programs, and we’re the tax paperwork specialists. As we work in the background, our services give business owners the freedom to develop and grow their company. Let us take the headache out of business management for you, and help increase your bottom line.


Property Advice

At Johnston Grocke, we advise first-time property investors and we also have several clients with 40+ property portfolios.

Our property division helps clients identify suitable property investment options. We also have financial planners and accountants to advise on all aspects of property investment, which means you get access to a full suite of expertise. At Johnston Grocke, our aim is always to help our clients avoid the many pitfalls associated with property investing and give them the very best chance of reaching their financial goals. This starts with finding the right property and getting the right finance advice, up front.


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