The Value of Authenticity

We touched previously on how the start of the year is always the best time to sit down and plan the goals you wish to achieve for the year ahead. We are ambitious, but come February we are lost that motivation.

Pursuing your goals can be hard, especially when they are not truly your goals. If they don't inspire you, then you won't have that motivation to chase them. Why is this? Simple. They're not authentic. 

When you think of 'authenticity,' what comes to mind? Do you think about it at all? Some people think of being 'honest and open,' whilst others connect it with it's original Latin meaning 'author,' so they are they 'author of their own goals,' and some people connect it with being present and living in the moment. What do all of these concepts have in common? If you ask me, it's integrity.


No one has ever doubted or questioned the integrity of an authentic individual. Their behaviour (in terms of morals and ethics) is predictable- you know what you're going to get.

So why is being authentic important when it comes to goal setting?  If you don't connect with your goals and you don't have any WHY, then you won't pursue them. They have no meaning to you, so whether you achieve them or not won't really matter in the end.

Below is a list of what authentic goals would look like:

  1. They inspire you
  2. They are set based on what really matters to you
  3. They are what YOU want, not what everyone expects from you
  4. They give you strength and courage to push your limits.


Setting authentic goals requires you to know your motivators, your values, your skills, any potential gaps that you might need to overcome( your obstacles). What triggers you to give up sometimes? 


Download your Authentic Goal Setting template HERE


It's Johnston Grocke's goal to see you reach your milestones. 

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Let's dig deep and find what really matters to YOU!


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